Tap tap Heroes. 3 instructions, gold, character development, guild coins.

In this article, which is dedicated to the game Tap tap Heroes, I’ll tell you about the following points:


Do it. Synthesize all possible heroes. Collect cards of all factions, and synthesize 5-star heroes from 4-star heroes. For this, you will receive a decent reward with gold, runestones, gold dust and miracle orbs.

Do not do it. Do not burn cards in the altar to get soul stones. In terms of gold, it is more profitable to synthesize heroes.

Gold for items that are dropped during limited promotions. During limited promotions, you receive special items that are only valid during promotions. Upon completion of the promotion, you can go to your inventory and sell these items. You won’t need them anymore. But gold for the sale of these promotional items will be useful to you. It is more profitable to sell at the very end of the promotion, but not after it has already ended.

How you can get step-by-step instructions for 48 million gold is written at the end of the article.


Focus on developing cards for one faction. Invest all the wonder orbs in the opening of the cards of the faction of your choice. Invest all gold, purple dust, gold dust, runestones and other resources in the development of one faction. So the development of the characters of the selected faction will go quickly.

If you develop all the factions at the same time, then it can stretch for a long time. Development will be slow.

Development of cards of one faction


For example, I need killer credentials. I choose from the passed maps the location in which the reward for the assault is the certificate I need. The assault is underway, the certificates are being collected. They are collected in a chest.

See what awards are given for assault on certain locations. Choose the locations that suit you.

How you can get step-by-step instructions for 22 million gold and 90 gold keys is written at the end of the article.


There are two options.

Option 1: you are in a guild where other players are stronger than you. It is convenient to be in a strong guild because mines are pumped in such guilds. The guild mine will bring you more gold and guild coins.

You will receive a small reward for hitting a marauder in such a guild, because the bulk of the reward will go to players with strong units. See the ranking of the distribution of rewards for killing a marauder. The reward is gold and guild coins.

Guild gold and coins

Option 2: you are in a guild where other players are weaker than you. In such a guild, the mine may not be pumped. Depends on the players, on how well the pumping of the mine is organized. If the guild rules state that participants should invest in the development of the mine, and this is fulfilled, then you will have order with the gold and guild coins. Pay attention to the regularity of donations. This can be viewed in the mine — donations tab.

You can get a decent reward for hitting a marauder in such a guild, since your damage to the marauder will be greater than the damage of other guild members.

Marauder attack


1. Be in a guild where the members are weaker than you. This will allow you to pick up a large reward for damage to the marauder.
2. Be in the guild where the mine is being pumped. Or create your own guild and organize the development of the mine. A powerful mine will bring you more guild moment.
3. Make the maximum bet in the guild war on the guild with the highest rating. Bet on being in the top three. Coefficient 3.
4. You can still watch after finishing the marauder. But this is already sitting to wait for the exact time of the attack update. A bit boring, but you can get a reward for the decisive blow — gold and guild coins.

How to get step-by-step instructions for 13 miracle spheres and 10 advanced chips, written at the end of the article.


Train all the pets you have unlocked. Even if the pet is not summoned, it increases the lives and attack of the characters in the squad.

Tap tap Heroes. Pet training.


48 million gold instruction.
Instruction for 22 million gold + 90 gold keys.
Instructions for 13 miracle spheres and 10 advanced chips.

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nstructions for obtaining gold

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